Monday, September 17, 2007

Crash Test Newfies

Okay, back to some fun; there's plenty of time to scold the GGNRA and the National Park Service.
So here's a video of my buddy Gizmo. He lives in Canada where Park-service nonsense doesn't exist.
This video captures everything you need to know about a Newfie; as Lord Byron said, ""Beauty without vanity, courage without ferocity, strength without insolence, and all the virtues of Man without his vices."
Gizzy's a star now and I'm glad he's my buddy.



Anonymous said...


You and Gizmo look like twins!


Gizmosav said...
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Gizmosav said...

Hey Satch,
Thanks so much for putting my video on you blog. One day you and I will get together and make a video. Say hi to Andrew for me.
Take care bud
Luv Giz

Anonymous said...

If that ain't the most perfect Newfie video ever!

Jill and Tug

Anonymous said...

Hey Satchie,

He looks like the SUV version of you -- you have a big beautiful friend. And we love you too.

Rox & Coco

Anonymous said...

Beaute Noir!