Thursday, September 13, 2007

GGNRA, Go Away! (Part 2)

Well, Andrew and I have looked at the question of whether an "emergency situation[]" exists under 36 C.F.R Section 1.5 such that Lyin Brian O'Neill can get away with shutting down portions of the beaches we hang 'round.

We've looked at the recent science and the law, and it just doesn't work for the GGNRA. There just ain't no emergency on this "non-critical" habitat for them Plovers. It doesn't even pass the sniff test.

So, again, we must conclude the GGNRA is acting illegally. We've come up with a theme song to rid the area of these despots once and for all. It goes to the tune of "Home on the Range". Everybody sing along now


In the frontyard of my home
Where no plovers roam
Where no dogs should be allowed to play
Where seldom is heard
An encouraging word
It's City property, let's take it away

Home of the GGNRA
Where the Rangers and Park Police play
Such sadistic games
Under Lyin Brian's reign
Thank dog Judge Alsup's just a heartbeat away

No more home of the GGNRA
It's time those liars went away
Send O'Neill to jail
And his enforcers to hell
They'll get along with Satan right swell

No more home for the GGNRA
Send those liars and haters away
Let's take back our land
We don't need the City's hand
Let the dogs get out and play.

Adidos federales.



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Anonymous said...

Send them running Satchel!
Oh, how I miss the days when the Army was in charge of the Park.

Anonymous said...

Send them packing!