Sunday, September 9, 2007

Of Champs And Pups

Finally, 'Drew and I had a full day at the beach (good riddance Grass Valley).
Fuuny thing though: Andrew was playin with a lab (he's bloody fixated) and the owner (some crazy woman) started yelling at Dad. He got that look and they said some stuff I can't repeat. What's the deal? Uh. "I'm gonna bring my dog to the beach but he can't play." Always the people who are the crazy ones! (The glazed-eye looking one touched my . . . . uh, "little Satchie".)

Anyway to get to today's point: Big ups to Karazan H2 (Hummer) for pulling off a double major last week and nailing his championship at the wee age of barely two. Just look at that big boy. And he's still growin. Gonna be just like his pappy, Gaia! Way to go buddy. (Just don't beat me up.)

I'm also a bit relieved that Huggy Bear found a "proper home" (that's Mrs. P) because Dad had that "I want him" look in his eye. Anyway, sounds like he went to a great home with lots of kids and stuff. We love ya Huggy -- even Aunt Heidi couldn't Bear (get it?) to see him go.

Of course, it wouldn't be "proper" without sending all our love and congratulations to Mrs. P on her 60th (er, 39th) birthday. Everybody, after me: "Every little thing she does is magic . . . . ."



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