Monday, December 17, 2007

Brand Newf Day, Part 2

After reading the last blog entry, I've decided the best temporary way to deal with my woes is . . . the fine art of delusion.

And, accordingly, I've decided to recast my image of myself -- as it should be mind you.

I kind of like it. It's fitting, I dare say.



Randi said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!

Satchie~! My mom is in LOVE WITH YOU! My name is Randi - I'm a 6 (almost 7) year old black lab/newf mix...I'm a girl with a silly boy name..I saw your name listed over at Cub's bloggy...

I'm gonna be visiting you lots! My mom loves Newfies & I'll have to link you to my bloggy!

Love & Licks,

onecoatsam said...

Hi Randi -

Thanks for the comments and we hope to meet you.

Satch & Drew

Rex said...

Very dignified Satch.


JB said...

Satchel, you look so regal!