Saturday, December 15, 2007

Up For Adoption, Part 2

The day started out reasonably enough, with our 45 minute walk.
Then came the horror.

He makes us sit at the caffe for about an hour (I'm used to this kind of abuse) and then we start driving in the direction of the kennels. This cannot be a good sign but Andrew has not a clue so I'm on my own once again.

The pictures then tell a thousand words: we're using our Saturday to get refurbished. There is no show, there is nothing, and still we must endure the torture. So much so that even Andrew will not look at the bleeding camera.
What are we supposed to do, smile? Phhhlease!!!!!!!!!

After hours of this refurbishing (and Mrs. P slicing away my hair -- I can't say diddly when she's around), we get tied up outside the kennels while he plays with the other Newfies. What's that about. We're right bleeding here!!!!!!!!!!! Bibed and gagged. "Intolerable Cruelty" indeed.

Then to add insult to insult to injury, we get motorized down to Moore's Landing, where I understand the food is very good but have no actual knowledge thereof. The suggestion is made that we get some, but he says it's too close to dinner. Yeah, it's so close to dinnner that I'd really like to grab that steak out of his mouth.

Finally, we are relegated to a nice long drive home, clean and hungry (I don't like either). Andrew manages to put up with it, why I just don't know.

And then he wonders why I won't eat my "dog food".

This abuse must end. Please, somebody adopt me (Andrew too, even though he doesn't know how bad things are). Call the SPCN -- the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Newfies.

I'll try to be patient.




Gizmosav said...

Hi Satch,
You really have to reconsider...I had to go through it yesterday as well, but I feel way better now. At least you get to go for a ride, I haven't been for a truck ride for more than 2 weeks. I tried to fit into mom's bug, but it just doesnt work.
Hang in there buddy..your dad really loves you.

Flanaghan the Newfie said...


Take off that bib and come to the beach!

Flahaghan the Newfie