Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Newfoundland: Gentle Giant

"The Newfoundland is a dog with an outstanding temperament, good, courageous, generous, intelligent, human. Lord Byron wrote of one of this breed: "Beauty without vanity, courage without ferocity, strength without insolence, and all the virtues of a man without his vices." It is also a patient dog, mild with guests, and obsequious with its master. He is noble, calm, gentle, loyal and trustworthy with a sweet temperament. Dignified and peaceable. Very devoted. They can become so attached to their owners that they cannot adapt to a new home. Good and brave. Intelligent enough to act on his own when needed. Protective, but tends to place himself between the intruder and his family rather than bark or growl. Newfoundland's can recognize a dangerous situation and will generally act if the family is threatened. Any dog, other animal, child, or visitor who has no evil intention will receive a friendly welcome. Patient, playful, and loving with children; he is a born babysitter. Very sociable. Enjoys the outdoors, but also requires companionship. The Newfoundland drinks a lot of water and may be messy about it, as he loves to get wet. They tend to drool, though not as much as some other giant breeds. Although puppies require a lot of food, an adult Newfoundland eats only about as much as a retriever. They love to swim and if backpacking near water, don't let the Newfoundland carry your sleeping bag - or you may spend a very damp night!"
(See www.dogbreedinfo.com/newfoundlands)

As Grandpa used to say, "all a child really needs are good parents and a Newfoundland."



Flahaghan The Newfy said...

Oh, Jack, what a beauty and what a water warrior.

2BOBS said...

That picture captures him perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Striking, beautiful.

Fritzzy said...

Jack was the King of the Sea.
I miss him everyday when at the beach.


Gizmosav said...

Jack has left some pretty big paws to fill!! He was absolutely stunning...The King of all Newfoundlands....I sure wish I had met him.
Your Bud

Augustus said...

Jackie -- you were the best.