Friday, December 28, 2007

"I Am Horror"

The title of today's entry came from a friend, an Italian friend, after seeing The Exorcist.

It is appropriate as today we are going (again) up to the kennels to get refurbished for a show this weekend. What's the point? It's raining today and is supposed to rain all weekend.

Somebody try to explain this to me: they are going to put me in the tub, wash me, spend a couple of hours drying me, all so that I can go into a ridiculous ring just to get wet again?

I mean, I don't mind the getting wet part, but what's the point of the complete refurbishing and wholesale ruination of what might otherwise be a day when 'Drew I and could by playing?

I'll bet Gizzy doesn't get treated like this. I'll bet he's out romping in the snow.

Sigh (again),



Gizmosav said...

OH Satch,
You are not impressed with all the attention? I must say the picture of you and Drew in the rain is most becoming.
All the best this weekend buddy, hopefully it won't rain too hard.


Cub the Newf said...

Hey Satch, don't feel so all alone. I'm s'posed to be retired from the show-ring. But do I get to just steep in ditch-water as a retired Newf should be allowed??? Noooooooo! Now that my new 2lggd mom has figured out how to get warm running water out on the front deck, I have to get refurbished once a week (starting last weekend). And why, I ask!!! For whom am I showing off??? Just when I'm starting to smell good, she goes and makes me smell like flowers. I can only hope she will run out of steam after a couple of weeks.

I too would rather go visit Giz. I, for one, would prefer a snow bath. But I am beginning to think it may never snow in my new home. Today, again, was almost 70 degrees. Humph ... they should turn on the AC.