Saturday, October 13, 2007

For Gizmo

Me and 'Drew had a great day today -- we met Gizmo's parents, Doug & Cindy!!
Here's a picture of Gizzy. Que bella Terranova, eh?

Now we know why Gizzy is such a sweetheart -- he has absolutely fantastic parents.
They are real Newf people -- that's the highest compliment we know.
And, we really want to thank them for bringing us fresh Salmon -- yum, yum, yum.
I'm just salivating over dinner.

We're going to plan a trip up to Canada to visit them.

Gizzy, we love your parents and they'll be back home real soon.


Satchel & Andrew

P.S. We even ran into a 17 month Landseer girl at the dog park. What a day!
(Today's joke: what's black and white and black and white and black and white? A Landseer rolling down a hill! Hello? More silence. Anyone out there? This silence is not very golden!)


Anonymous said...


Is he your big brother?


Gizmosav said...

Hi Satch & Drew,
My mom and dad just got home and have been telling me all about you guys....they LOVED their visit with you and we all can't wait until you come for a visit. Mom says your dad is the greatest and that you are oh so lucky to have him, and your friend Anna is oh so special, I want an Anna in my life to look after me when mom and dad are at work. Will update my blog with pictures as soon as mom has some time......
big big newfie hugs and kisses and a great big THANKYOU for the stuffy....I love stuffies...oh and the Newfmobile is fantastic!!!!!
Happy again Giz
one more thing, mom mentioned something about a cute little girl named Penny...I think I would really really like Penny.

Anonymous said...

You guys are absolutely beautiful!

Newfies from Finland

Anonymous said...

Hey Satch,

Gizmo is as big as Jack with your markings. If he swims, then he's even more like Jack. Just beautiful. We miss you guys at Crissy Field.

Sharon & Pugsly

Anonymous said...


How about sharing some of that Canadian salmon. Your buddy is really beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hey Satch, I've seen Gizmo's swimming videos on YouTube but I haven't seen any of yours. What's up? I would have thought some of Jack would have rubbed off.

He he he,

Andrea & Augie

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Whoo! So when can WE play together?

onecoatsam said...

Hi Nanook, Hi Pooka --

We all have to plan a trip together -- that would just be great.

Satchel & Andrew