Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Free Satchie!

They've given me one phone call, so here it is.

Today, 'Drew and I took a buddy (Baylo) to Muir Beach for some fun in the sun.
Now, mind you, this beach is off-leash -- there's no debate about that.
But we kinda went near this wading pool over which there is a debate, although there's nothing there that is threatened or endangered. Instead, the National Park Service calls it "Sensitive Habitat" which, according to my attorney, has no legal meaning at all. They just make this nonsense up as they go along.

So, some bird watchers (what's the point) call the Rangers and this doofus comes out in his SUV on the beach (uh, "sensitive" habitat?) and tries to ticket Dad. Dad tells him to go do something, and the guy sends me to jail. Baylo gets off because he's only 10 months and Andrew gets off because of his diminished capacity. What's the deal? These Rangers are part of Homeland Security now and, as a wise man said, are "supposed to be protecting us against terrorists, not terriers".

Okay, I sat on his foot, but big deal. It's not like I did anything else on his foot. It's not even a moving violation but, here I sit in jail without anything even resembling dog food.

I need something called "bail". Dad says it's a good lesson and Andrew doesn't even know what money is. HELP! FREE FREE, SET ME FREE.



Gizmosav said...

Oh Satchie, whats with that!!! You have got to be kidding... I'll bail you out buddy, whadaya need, I have a couple squeaky toys and a kong if we have to go that far, but I really like my kong, but for you, I'll use it if I have to. And mom has some yummy cookies we can use them too, I don't mind cause she will make me more. I just can't beleive what you have to go thru to have a good run on the beach...incredible...let me know..
hey when is visiting time

onecoatsam said...

Giz --

I need cookies and a competent attorney. Don't know the latter.