Thursday, October 11, 2007

Okay, I Was Just Kidding

Alright, with my conscience as my guide, I must admit I was just joking.

It wasn't me in yesterday's picture but, in theory, it could have been me.

And I was at the beach, just not in the water -- I would have been (okay, could have been) but I had just been refurbished for a molestation-show in a couple of weeks. I can't even get my feet wet and I love doing that. Really!

So I am compelled by counsel to say I "apologize for any inconvenience caused to anyone."


Kz. Satchel.

1 comment:

Gizmosav said...

Satchie, Satchie Satchie, is so sad...who put you up to that! You have no idea what you have done...newfie's don't tell tails, they wag them. If you want to be a hangashore newf, hold your head high, but you shouldn't tell tails.
My mom said she's going to have a long talk with you and straighten you out!!!
Disappointed Giz...