Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Satchie Saves The Day

They said I couldn't do it.
They said it couldn't be done.
But take a look at the picture.
Just look what the heck I've done.

I'm really not one for bragging.
I'm actually quite discreet.
But I'm tired of being scolded.
For not using my webbed feet.

So kindly send your apologies.
And trust that I forgive.
For one day when you're drowning.
I might just help you live.

Lord Satchel.

1 comment:

Gizmosav said...

aaaahhhh "Lord Satchie", you are amazing!! We new you had it in you, you just thought you would fool us for awhile. So sorry for scolding you and making fun of you, now we can all go swimming!!!
Your a pretty good poet too.