Friday, October 5, 2007

Satchie's Prison Break

Great news -- Satchel has finally demonstrated some talent other than being a pretty boy.

Seems that while the Blue Angels ("Angels"????) were flying all around today, the guards got distracted and he tunneled his way out of jail. He made off with some prison food just to demonstrate how cruel and unusual is its taste. He even managed to find his way home which, to some degree, undermines our long-held belief that he'd leave with anyone. Look at the pathetic boy after hitching a ride back.

So now we have a talented digger, and he'll have something to do at the beach while the other dogs swim.

We gave him a full refurbishing and he's resting comfortably after his big ordeal (can you rest uncomfortably?).

Thanks for all your support.

Andrew & Co.


Gizmosav said...

Hey Drew,
I'm so glad they finally let Satch out I was getting a little worried there!! I like digging alot too Satch, I dig these big holes to lay down in cause its so cool in the dirt. Dad gets all mad at me for digging holes and fills them in again!!...anyway welcome home Satch, and thanks Andrew for keeping up posted!!!

onecoatsam said...

I love to dig too -- Dad just doesn't get that it cools us off.
Thanks Giz!